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In this second course on the Transformed Living Model, Lea and Rolfe Carawan teach the ten core principles that Life Coaches need to know in order to best help clients be all that God has created them to become. Each of these principles is thoroughly discussed, as well as how they can be effectively applied within the coaching process.

Session 1: The Opportunity Principle: Understanding Rewards, Beliefs, and Stewardship

Session 2: The Sabbath Principle: A Holy Priority and the Meaning of Rest

Session 3: The Service Principle: Love, Humility, and Becoming Least Among Others

Session 4: The Power Principle: Our Position, Our Identity, and the Kingdom of God

Session 5: The Reproduction Principle: A Transformed Life In and Through Us

Session 6: The Authority Principle: Balancing Submission and Kingdom Power

Session 7: The Personhood Principle: The Differences between Men and Women

Session 8: The Headship Principle: God’s Design for Husbands in Marriage and Family

Session 9: The Keeper Principle: God’s Design for Wives in Marriage and Family

Session 10: The Table Principle: Setting the Stage for Healthy Relationships

Lea Carawan

Lea Carawan, MA, is the CEO of LifeMatters International, a firm dedicated to improving personal and professional performance, and also the Founder of Transformed Living, a unique discipleship experience designed to equip individuals to have a significant impact through their relationships at home and at work. Lea has also served as Executive Director and Vice President of Operations and Project Development for the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. For over 10 years, she led the effort to equip and mobilize the largest network of federal- and state-elected leaders who are committed to standing for faith and implementing proactive strategies to advance religious freedom, prayer, and America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. She is a speaker, consultant, ordained minister, and a leadership, marriage, and life coach. See more at www.transformedliving.org

Rolfe Carawan

Rolfe Carawan, MEd, is the President of LifeMatters Ministries, which focuses on discipleship, biblical principles, and tackling relevant issues of our times, as well as the Co-founder of Carawan Global Group. Rolfe brings his real-world experience and strategies to leaders in a variety of industries. Known for his contagious enthusiasm, his coaching draws out the best in people, igniting a renewal of energy, engagement, and productivity, as well as successfully transitioning people through change, transforming human behavior, building unified teams, and overcoming generational gaps. His winning strategies have been developed over 30 years of successfully coaching, training, and motivating people. Speaking to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and high-tech companies to healthcare and nonprofits, Rolfe has spoken to nearly a million people throughout America, as well as audiences on four continents. See more at www.transformedliving.org