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People were never intended to live and function in isolation. In fact, we were created through relationship, in relationship, and for relationship. Alita Reynolds and her guests address the many facets and nuances of different types of relationships and how to effectively coach women to be healthy, balanced, and spiritually minded in the process.

Session 1: First Things First: Our Relationship with God

Session 2: Identity and Self-care: Having the Right Relationship with Yourself

Session 3: The Three Inner Needs: Love, Significance, and Security

Session 4: Balanced Vulnerability: Being Transparent and Authentic

Session 5: Finding Spiritual Community: Doing Life Well with Others

Session 6: The Inner Circle: Making Healthy Choices and Having the Right Boundaries

Session 7: The Covenant of Marriage: Creating Win-Win Relationships

Session 8: Family Dynamics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Session 9: Nine to Five: Work and Collegial Relationships

Session 10: Codependency vs. Isolation: Addressing Approval and Performance

Alita Reynolds

Alita Reynolds is the Foundational Voice with Women of Faith, with a 25-year history that has impacted millions of women around the world, to live victoriously in Christ.  Alita is also an ICCI Master Life Coach Trainer, writer, and sought-after speaker. She is also the host for the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds.  See more at www.womenoffaith.com

GJ Reynolds

Bethany Murdock

Bethany Murdock, BA, is a Master Life Coach and regularly coaches individuals and couples. Bethany has been in ministry for over 20 years, has served as a Worship Pastor, and is ordained. She has been helping people grow and develop in both their personal lives, as well as their relationship with Christ. Her desire is to see people empowered through Jesus and to live their best life possible. Areas of expertise include: Life Coaching for Women, Marriage Coaching, Grief and Loss Coaching, Spiritual Development Coaching, and Leadership and Ministry Coaching. See more at: www.bethanylentzmurdock.com

Haley Scully

Haley Scully, MA, is the Senior Director of Strategic and International Operations with Hope for the Heart. In 2011, she began her work in the ministry’s counseling department before moving to international work. She serves to develop partnerships, coordinate resources and distribution methods, and provides basic counseling and care ministry training for church leaders and parachurch organizations in over 25 countries around the world. Haley concurrently helps provide leadership for professional development initiatives that include training and resourcing Christian caregivers, life coaches, and counselors. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Oklahoma State University and Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Haley is passionate about connecting hurting hearts to hope in Christ and the practical application of God’s Word to their everyday lives. She is a speaker, author, trainer, and serves as a guest host on June Hunt’s live, one-hour, call-in counseling program, Hope in the Night.