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This course is designed for learners who are already trained in basic Life Coaching concepts and skills, but need to have a better understanding on how to effectively incorporate biblical principles and knowledge into the coaching process. You will learn to integrate the element of faith and God’s Word to encourage others and create a Christ-centered strategy for change. In addition, the importance of character and the distinctives of identifying as a Christ-centered Life coach are addressed.

Note: This course is primarily intended for those individuals who are interested in pursuing an ICCI credential and have already completed their education in basic life-coaching concepts and skills, but still need the required training component that specifically integrates biblical principles and content.

Session 1: The Element of Faith: An Introduction to Christian Life Coaching

Session 2: Character Matters: Essential Qualities of the Christ-centered Life Coach

Session 3: Moving From Good to God: Seven Habits of an Effective Coach

Session 4: Personal Significance: Self-identity and God-Identity

Session 5: Biblical Coaching Basics: Integrating a Christian Worldview

Session 6: The Power of Encouragement: A Look at the Life of Barnabas

Session 7: Trust and the Ministry of Presence: Building Blocks for the Coaching Relationship

Session 8: Eyes to See: Helping Clients with a Sense of Mission and Vision

Session 9: When Helping You Is Hurting Me: Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue

Session 10: Servant Leadership: Becoming Ambassadors for Christ

Dwight Bain

Dwight Bain, MA, is the Founder of the LifeWorks Group in Winter Park, Florida. He helps people rewrite their stories through strategic change and is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. Since 1984, Dwight has helped thousands of people across America as a Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach, Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Critical Incident Stress Management expert. He is a trusted media resource on managing major change and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television stations, has been quoted in over 100 publications, and is the author of Destination Success: A Map for Living Out Your Dreams. For more, see www.dwightbain.com 

Dr. Eric Scalise

Eric Scalise, PhD, is the President of LIV Consulting, LLC. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) with Hope for the Heart. He is also the former Senior Vice President for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and former Department Chair for Counseling Programs at Regent University. Dr. Scalise is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 40 years of clinical and professional experience in the mental health field, and he served six years on the Virginia Board of Counseling under two governors. Specialty areas include professional/pastoral stress and burnout, combat trauma and PTSD, marriage and family issues, grief and loss, addictions and recovery, leadership development, and lay counselor training. He is a published author, adjunct professor at several Christian universities, conference speaker, and frequently works with organizations, clinicians, ministry leaders, and churches on a variety of issues.

Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer, M.A., is the Founder and Executive Director of Mourning Glory Ministries, a Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. She has authored five books, including the best-selling Taking Out Your Emotional Trash. Georgia is a sought after speaker, has been a media guest on numerous outlets, and developed the ReBUILD After Divorce Program. For more than twenty-five years, she has encouraged, counseled, and coached those who are confronting troubling times. From being a cancer survivor who was given less than a two percent chance of living, as well as someone who has personally faced the upheaval brought by divorce, single parenthood, and the loss of career and income, Georgia knows the courage, resilience, and perseverance needed to begin anew. When she isn’t writing, speaking or coaching, she enjoys working in her backyard garden. It’s there she loves to garden for her soul. See more at www.georgiashaffer.com